College ERP


Transport Management System Software

The school transport/bus management software can be utilized to plan & generate optimum bus routes to ensure most efficient use of the transport services. Student-wise bus route allocation is key feature of the solution.

The transportation management software has inbuilt fields to capture all the information related to the vehicles and also keeps a check of various parameters like distance travelled, fuel consumed, etc., to intimate regarding an impending check-up when the time comes.

School Transport Management Software ensure student safety by tracking of school buses, enrolling driver details, facility of payment of transportation fees, maintenance, SMS for updating parents about student’s location, Route designing, and gives a complete overview of school transport operations

Transport Management Software is having complete student travel management in which student can apply for the transportation facility online along-with his/her location of pick up & drop. This information is useful to mapping the student with optimize routes. Routes can be created accordingly in the system where stop will be decided considering number of student at nearby locations. Empower parents to remotely track and monitor the whereabouts of the bus in which their child (children) is traveling using the school bus tracking app. Enable your transport supervisors to maintain smooth functioning of all the vehicles under their command by giving them constant monitoring capabilities of each and every single bus or vehicle in your fleet using the fleet management software.

SMS alerts are sent to parents to inform of any changes in the pick or drop schedule shared with them with bulk action possibility. The information pre-entered into the software regarding the vehicles; helps you to keep a close eye on the condition of the vehicle to ensure the safety and security of the students and staff personnel who travel in these vehicles every day. In this regard, our school bus management software are having following main features

  • Vehicle Master, Route Master & Stop creation
  • Bus allocation to Students
  • Automatic Fees Linking to Students
  • Keep track of students and vehicle on daily basis
  • Bus or Route wise SMS to Parents